8 Tips for Improving your Email Open Rate

8 Tips for Improving your Email Open Rate

The average email open rate is a little less than 22%.

Just think about that. You might send out 1,000 emails to your data base but only just over 200 people actually open them.  Even less click through to read what you have sent – only around 2%.

Here are a few tips to help you increase that rate, make your email communications more effective and vastly improve your return on investment

1. Clean Up Your Act.

I know this is pretty obvious (not to mention boring and time consuming), but it is really important to have a clean, relevant data base.

If you are getting bounced emails make sure that there are no spelling mistakes; commas where there should be dots; missed au’s on the end of emails etc., all very common data entry mistakes.

Your mail base will come from your membership data and being able to communicate with your members is vital, so ensure your lists are “cleansed” and updated on a regular basis.

2. Targeted List / Relevant Message . 

Don’t try and be all things to all people. Make sure your emails are meaningful to the targeted recipient.

You should have segmented data bases for members with various interests.

A good starting point to gather this data is to make sure membership and renewal forms have a special interest category for patrons to tick preferences.  Some relevant groups (apart from the obvious age and gender categories) could be gamers (with appropriate consent), entertainment, fitness, dining, functions, sports groups / interests etc.

These are just a start. The more refined and targeted the data base, the better response you’ll get. For instance, entertainment could be broken down into categories like comedy, children’s’ entertainment, headline acts, cover shows and so on.

3. Compelling Headlines

You only have a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention, so make sure you headline does just that.

Do you really think that “MyClub” Newsletter or “MyClub What’s On in October” is going to make someone want to open and read your email with any urgency?

4. Clarity.

Make your information clear, concise and meaningful.  You won’t win any prizes, or convert  readers with complex sentences, five-syllable words and lengthy metaphors.

Your message should be clear and to the point, even if the reader just scans the email.

In the first few sentences, the reader should understand your offer, why they want it and how to get it.

Your email should have a single targeted offer, a single targeted message and a single call to action.

5. Don’t forget to personalize.

You might be sending the same message to hundreds if not thousands of members, but that is not the way your recipient reads it.

Write copy that makes a reader feel as if you are speaking to him or her directly.

Address them by their name and use words like “you” and ”your”.  Write like you are having a conversation with that person.

6. Strong call to action.

With most of the emails you send out, you want your reader to do something.

So make that action clear…..Book Now, Buy Tickets Now, Call Today, Subscribe Here, Read More Information etc.

Create a clear, easy to read button to take your reader where you want them to go.

And create some urgency or a deadline to do so.

7. Make it Mobile.

Mobile is about to overtake fixed internet access (if it hasn’t tipped the scale already). If your emails are not mobile and tablet optimised you are probably not reaching the majority of your market.

8. Once is not always enough.

Research has shown that email response is often stronger the second and even third time the offer is received.

But don’t just keep sending exactly the same message with exactly the same image and wording each time.

Adjust your message and call to action, update with a new images or where possible, embed a video link.  Videos open rates are up around 48% – more than double normal email rates and that percentage is growing.  



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