Who is Your Marketing Mentor?

Linda Joannides Head ShotLinda Joannides is recognised as one of the leading exponents of Club Marketing in the country.

Her groundbreaking ideas and innovations have not only won many awards, but have changed the face of club marketing over the past decade.

The glossy, large format “lifestyle” magazine image projected by many club journals these days, look that way because of Linda.  The same thing goes with plasma TV advertising. With a background in television production, she was the first to introduce in-house TV promotion to the industry.  A medium which has now become an industry standard.

Of late, she was instrumental in pioneering some of the recent  interactive communications apps being used in the industry and featuring Ooph technology.  

She also developed one of the very first Club Loyalty Programs and introduced insured promotions as a way of adding a “wow” factor to regular club promotional campaigns.

Apart from all that, she is also regarded as one of the most outstanding entertainment marketers in the business.

And now she wants to share her knowledge, experience and her network to help you.  

Linda works with clubs both large and small on a variety of projects including: developing and managing a strategic marketing plan; set up and implementation of budgets and reporting systems; development and management of social media and communications strategies; development or rejuvenation of rewards programs;  marketing health checks (reviews, recommendations and potential opportunities) for existing programs;  mentoring marketing personnel; re-branding & positioning projects  and sometime just straight out copywriting assignments.

Linda thinks way outside the square and can bring proven ideas to the table from a wide variety of sources and industries to assist any club marketer, no matter how big or small their venue or their budget.  

Importantly, what she provides is specifically targeted to the Club and hospitality industry.

Some of the clubs she works with include: Revesby Workers Club, Brisbane Broncos, Club Marconi, The  Vikings Group, Tweed Head Bowls Club, City Diggers, 99 on York, The Lantern Group and Rich River Golf Club  amongst others. 

Linda is a regular speaker at CMAA conferences and workshops and is also a director and editor of the new online industry news and networking platform, The  Drop.

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About Linda’s background

Linda has spent nearly 13 years in the Club industry as a leading Senior Marketing or Group Marketing Manager.  During that time she has worked with the norths Group, City Tattersalls and Revesby Workers’ Clubs and advised numerous other venues.

Her creative expertise, coupled with a keen eye for delivering projects on time and on budget, covers strategic marketing, branding, loyalty, communications, advertising and sales promotion. Her style of results driven marketing encompasses business areas like gaming, entertainment, food and beverage, membership, functions, sponsorship, events, community and health and fitness.

During this period, Linda has won 12 business and ClubNSW industry awards including the prestigious Office of Western Sydney Business Award for Innovation and the Most Outstanding Contribution to Tourism. She also won the Best Entertainment Award in the ClubsNSW Awards for Excellence for 4 consecutive years.

On the community front, she created a fully sponsored short film festival and a young filmmaker’s scholarship with the support of noted Australian actor Bryan Brown, as well as developing  highly successful artisans and growers market on the Central Coast.

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TV Production.

Linda came into the Club industry via the music business, notably as an Executive Producer for a global music television network.

She also worked as a Senior Producer/Creative Consultant for a high end, Special Effects and Post Production Company producing television commercials and station promos for clients like Qantas, Toyota, Kirin and TCN 9.

Other production credits include national television shows for TEN, Network 7 and joint venture projects for the BBC and MTV in the UK.

During this time Linda had the privilege of working with many of the world’s highest profile entertainers, actors, sports stars and personalities.

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Video Library

Check out some of the work we have done via the videos below

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Biggest Promotions and Products in the Country

Prior to her television career and with a degree in Fine Arts and a stint at some of the leading advertising agencies as an artist / designer under her belt, Linda collaborated with long time friend and colleague John Dwyer. She provided design and creative consultancy for John’s Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion Agency called Dynamic Marketing.

Dynamic Marketing specialised in loyalty programs and marketing initiatives for companies like News Limited, Nine Network, KFC, ACP Magazines, 2UE, 7-Eleven, Coca-Cola, Westfield, Caltex and McDonalds.

Working on the repetitive spend and “wow” factor marketing principles used for its client base, Dynamic developed a new retail business area of its own – Trading Cards. After acquiring licensing deals with the leading entertainment companies like Disney, Warner Bros, Universal and Fox, Dynamic secured a major business driver with the National Rugby League.

Through a range of aggressive marketing tactics, Dynamic Marketing drove “footy cards” from a $2 million to $12 million business in the first year alone.  At its peak, the trading card business in Australia was worth over $75 million and Dynamic was by far the dominant player.

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What’s with the dog?

The dog’s a symbol of guiding and teaching.

It’s also a trustworthy and loyal image and represents down home honesty.

The internet is full of marketing tips, marketing advice and so-called marketing experts. But most of what is out there is either pure garbage or really confusing to figure out.  Your Marketing Mentor cuts through all this noise and generic marketing speak. Instead, it provides practical advice and ideas that make sense and that you can actually use in what you do every day.

With the wealth of experience and expertise, not just from Linda’s background, but from her whole network of uber-marketing professionals, the symbol also represents a mature (let’s not say old!) dog with lots of new tricks.