Proving the prize doesn’t have to be huge, just well-targeted to gain results.

SAIL AWAY MEMBERS PROMOTION Proving the prize doesn’t have to be huge, just well-targeted to gain results.

Background brief

Due to various reasons, North Sydney Leagues Club needed to re-engage with its members and in particular its gamers.  They wanted a vehicle to promote openly (without gaming restrictions) but still geared towards its top tiered members.  Additionally they did not have a huge budget and were restricted to $1,000 per week spend, yet they still required it to present as a feature promotional offer.

Strategy Execution

After extensive research, I found that the targeted members at Norths perfectly matched the target demographic for the fastest growing sector of the tourism/holiday market – cruising. Whist ‘cash is always king’ when it comes to promotional prizes, I needed to find a wow factor for themeing and cursing was an ideal option.

The promotion ran across a 3 month period, with a major draw for a cruise or cash prize on the last Sunday of each month.

The promotion was supported in-house  via a feature display, club magazine, posters, flyers, on screen TVC’s, direct mail (both print and digital) and website.  Prior to each draw, the top 3 membership tiers were alerted via SMS messaging reminding them of the draws


The first two draw dates saw an increase in trade of between 18% and 25%. The final draw date saw an increase of 35% on the average Sunday trade, measured against the past 2 years.  This final result alone paid for the cost of the promotion, four times over.

Foot Note: 

Vegas PromotionIn order to keep up the momentum of this style of promotion, I repeated the format, this time with a Vegas theme and with an additional “wow” factor incentive – the chance to win $100,000 in cash.

To keep up the engagement level, a launch event was arranged for the top two membership tiers to showcase this new promotion, as well as two new gaming promotions.

Members were sent specially printed invitations to come along for drinks, canapés and to experience some Vegas Magic – and also invited to try their luck with one of the new promotions with the chance to win cash prizes.


We had a 28% take up on the invitation to attend the event. The first days of the new promotion were on the following Wednesday and Thursday and saw trade increase by 22.3% on Wednesday and 15% on Thursday.  Normally promotions build in momentum and popularity over a period of time but this is one of the most successful new promotional launches Norths had conducted.

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