John Dwyer

John Dwyer (far right) on set in New York for The Greater Building Society with Jerry Seinfeld and George Shapiro.

CEO, The Institute of WOW


I have had the privilege of knowing Linda Joannides for over 25 years, working with her on many marketing and entertainment projects.

It is a pleasure to provide this reference for her, as Linda is a very unique individual with “unique skills”.

I first had the pleasure of working with Linda in the 80’s and the 90’s when I owned a Sydney based marketing agency called Dynamic  Marketing, Linda was a creative consultant and graphic artist for me at the time and because of her extraordinary creative skills, became my “right arm” very quickly.

She assisted in the development of huge marketing campaigns for the likes of News Limited, McDonalds, Caltex, 7 Eleven, Westfield and The Nine Television Network. Having such big name clients, it was very comforting to have someone of Linda’s skill and marketing acumen working side by side with me.

Her eye for detail is impeccable and her creative skills are mind-boggling.

Many people claimed to have ideas, but I have come across very few who can produce commercially realistic ideas that benefit clients via an extraordinary “return on investment”. Linda is one such person and it is her “practicality” combined with her “creativity” that makes her so unique.

When I produced a TV series called “Dreams Can Come True” in the mid 90’s, Linda was the first person I asked to be part of the team. Why? Because she is the ultimate can-do team member, someone who always makes the impossible happen. And she didn’t let me down.

Our television show was based on delivering unexpected dreams to needy people and Linda was at the forefront of gaining support from the likes of Michael Jordan, Princess Di, Paul Hogan, Meatloaf and even Steven Spielberg. She is the sort of person that doesn’t know the meaning of impossible. She simply makes things happen – and makes them happen pretty fast if I may add!

Throughout the last ten years, Linda has provided her services to the club industry and has achieved wonderful results for her employers. I get together with her regularly to brainstorm and it’s great to hear that she is still delivering the unexpected to the businesses which she has been involved with.

She is truly a unique marketing wizard and one who I would highly recommend to any company.  It is rare that you find such a combination of skills in one person. Linda provides the whole box & dice – big ideas, layouts, designs, copywriting and 1001 supplier contacts.

It is my pleasure to provide her with this glowing reference as she is a very unique person and I wish her all the very best.

Hans Sarlemyn

Hans Sarlemyn

Former CEO  norths Group and former Secretary of The Leagues Club Association of NSW and Federal Secretary of CMAA

I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Joannides on many high end projects and confirm that she is an exceptionally gifted, lateral thinking marketer, who has a can do attitude.

Linda has a wide ranging marketing skill base that would benefit any business seeking to engage her services.

Danielle Rayner

Director GSL Solutions

I have had much pleasure in working with Linda for some years, firstly at Revesby Workers’ Club and more recently with the ATLAS loyalty program at Norths. Linda not only has amazing marketing skills but also has sound gaming marketing expertise. Linda implemented a strong marketing plan with the ATLAS program taking in her stride the considerable compliance required with a bankcard loyalty program.

Wayne Knight

Managing Director, Daily Press Group

I have worked with Linda over the past 10 years and believe she has brought a whole new, professional approach to the club industry with her presentation and marketing skills. I saw her take the humble club journal to new standards and as a printer can honestly say that I have been presented with examples of her work countless times by club managers, asking me  to emulate the benchmark she has set.  You can’t get a better endorsement than that for your work.