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Intensive Two-Day Marketing and ChatGPT Course

26 & 27 February 2024 – Sydney CBD


AI has turned marketing on its head! It’s like having a super-smart assistant who never sleeps – automating, optimising, and revamping almost every aspect of the marketing process. And while everyone is aware of it – and almost everyone is keen to reap some sort of benefit from it – when it comes to actually implementing AI in an organisation, a lot of the responsibility is falling squarely on marketers.


So, if you’re in marketing, it’s not just a matter of keeping up; you need to be the trailblazer! And that’s exactly what this two-day intensive course is all about.


Dates and Location for 2 Day Marketing and AI course.


26th/27th February 2024

Cliftons, Level 13, 60 Margaret St Sydney

9.30am – 5pm



The facts on the course


  • Introduction to the different AIs and how they relate to marketing and communications.
  • Structured Prompting – better outputs need better prompts.
  • GPTS – using agents to create websites, book appointments and more.
  • Story and GPT – crafting content quickly and efficiently.
  • Marketing Strategy and campaigns, advertising, loyalty and more can be helped by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Social Media strategies, campaigns, and calendars co-managed by Generative AI.
  • I’ve teamed up with AI global expert Laurel Papworth, to develop and deliver this course. (See details below.)


Who is this course for?


“AI for Marketing: The Insider’s Guide to Future-Proof Your Career”. As AI and ChatGPT tools make a big impact on jobs, staying ahead of the game is part of the challenge.


1.  Career Level-Up:
Got your eye on a new job that’s all about AI? Whether you’re an intern dreaming big or a mid-level marketer aiming higher, this course is your secret weapon to stand out in the AI crowd.


2. Be the Boss of AI in Marketing:
Hey there, Marketing Directors, and Managers! Want to keep your edge sharp in this fast-paced digital world? Dive into AI with us and lead your team into the future, armed with the latest and greatest in tech.


3. Back in the Game:
Taken a career break? Raising kids or just took some ‘you’ time? This course is your express ticket back to the workplace. Show ’em you’re not just back – you’re ahead of the curve with AI smarts!


4. Small Business, Big Dreams:
Running a small business and need to do your own marketing? Learn how AI can help you fight against big-budget marketing.


5. Tech Enthusiasts, Assemble!
If you’re the kind who gets a kick out of all things tech, this course isn’t just educational – it’s a playground for your brain! Get hands-on with AI and have fun while you’re at it. Let’s geek out together!


6. Freelancers Seeking the Edge:
Freelance marketers, this one’s for you! Add AI expertise to your toolkit and watch your client list grow. Be the go-to guru for AI-powered marketing solutions: not just a fad but a big shift for both you and your clients!


7. Boost Your Creative Juices:
Feel like your creativity hit a plateau? Let AI be your muse! Learn how AI can inspire new ideas for campaigns and let’s get rid of blank page syndrome once and for all!



Course Curriculum: What’s inside the AI toolbox?


We’re not just talking about any ChatGPT course here! This is your golden ticket to mastering AI in marketing. Get ready to dive deep into the AI toolbox that’s reshaping marketing as we know it.


  • AI 101 for Marketers:
    Forget the yawn-inducing techie stuff. We’re talking real-life, timesaving, efficiency-driving AI magic! Get started the minute you arrive with hands-on exercises. Don’t forget your laptop and charger!


  • Strategy with a Twist of AI:
    Ever wondered how to weave AI into your marketing strategy without a hitch? We’ve got you covered, from streamlining workflows to decoding customer minds with predictive analytics. Focussing specifically on multichannel marketing strategies.


  • Prompt Crafting but Make It Art:
    Let’s turn those mundane prompts into gold – it’s all about asking the right questions. Structured prompting (from Few Shot to Chain of Density and more) as well as branding prompts are covered.


  • Content Creation for Storytelling with ChatGPT:
    Social media posts that pop, emails that click, web pages that dazzle – let AI be your creative sidekick. Work smarter not harder on your messaging and comms


  • Your Social Media Calendar supercharged by AI:
    Imagine a calendar so smart, it practically does the posting for you.


  • Data-Driven Marketing – The AI Edition:
    Dive into the deep end of data, customer segmentation, and personalisation. It’s like detective work, but cooler.


  • Data-Driven Marketing – The AI Edition:
    Dive into the deep end of data, customer segmentation, and personalisation. It’s like detective work, but cooler.


  • Chatbots & Virtual PAs – Your New Best Friends:
    We’re showing you how to bring these AI geniuses into your team without any drama.


  • The AI Dos and Don’ts:
    Navigate the choppy waters of AI ethics, because nobody wants an AI oops moment!


  • Legally Speaking in AI:
    Copyright, plagiarism, compliance – we’ve got the lowdown on staying in the clear in the AI world.


  • Peeking into the AI Crystal Ball:
    Get the inside scoop on the hottest AI trends and real-world marketing wins.




Learning Outcomes


What will you master by the end of the course?


1.  Unlocking AI’s Marketing Secrets:
Dive deep into the world of Generative AI and discover how it can co-write your marketing strategies, making them more effective and impactful. Faster and smarter!


2.  Prompting Like a Pro:
Master the art of crafting prompts that work wonders with ChatGPT and similar AI tools, getting the best possible responses every time.


3.  Creative Content Alchemy:
Use AI to turn your ideas into captivating content for all your digital channels, from eye-catching social media posts to engaging email campaigns.


4.  Choosing the Right AI Tools:
Get hands-on experience with a variety of AI tools and learn how to pick the perfect ones to enhance your marketing tactics. From ChatGPT to Bard, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, Runway and Whisper, which tool is right for you and YOUR organisation?


5.  Data Insights Wizardry:
Become a wizard at interpreting data, using it to create more personalised and effective marketing strategies that resonate with your audience.


6.  Friendly AI Assistants:
Set up AI chatbots and virtual assistants that not only help out but also charm your customers, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. Add ChatGPT to your website or create a GPT Agent for staff.


7.  Navigating AI with Integrity:
Learn the ins and outs of ethical AI use in marketing, ensuring your strategies are not only effective but also responsible and compliant. System cards, datasheets, policies, and regulations are addressed: learn how to stay up to date in your industry’s approach to AI.


8.  Boosting Your ROI:
Develop the knack for tracking and improving the ROI of your AI-driven campaigns, making sure every decision is data-driven and impactful. Whether it’s the advertising algorithm (AI driven ads), newsfeeds, SEO (semantic AI) or other, this course will ensure you have a foundation in the numbers and statistics.


9.  Staying Ahead in AI:
Keep yourself updated with the latest AI trends and technologies, future-proofing your skills, and ensuring you’re always one step ahead in the marketing game. We specifically show you tools to stay up to date on news and changes in AI.



By the end of this whirlwind tour, you’ll be doing more than just grasping AI concepts; you’ll be crafting killer AI-fuelled marketing strategies, creating content that turns heads, engaging with your customers like never before, picking tools like a pro and accelerating your output like you wouldn’t believe possible.


So, are you ready to ride the AI wave in marketing? Let’s do this!
Early Bird Pricing until 1st February.


Double Trouble is a two-person (or more) discount, please email pa@laurelpapworth.com with second name/s and contact details.



About Laurel Papworth


Artificial Intelligence

Laurel has taught AI, algorithms, and big data at University of Sydney, UWS, UTS, UoA, AFTRs, and Universities in Singapore, Portugal and Saudi Arabia and currently teaches AI at Australian Institute of Management.


CERT IV Training and Assessment certified trainer (Diplomas and Certificates etc) Adult Education. Taught social media at Uni of Sydney for 12 years. More Info


Laurel has consulted, mentored, spoken at conferences, run workshops and project managed clients including Senators and Ministers (over 20 of them), Australia Parliament House, Westpac bank, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Royal House of Saud, multiple universities globally, NBC Universal Studios, Channel Ten Big Brother community, Ministry of Defence Singapore and more. Client List


Laurel has 19,000 online students. Laurel Papworth personally connects to 11 million followers online and has taught around 100,000 people in the last 10 years. Named by Forbes™ Magazine in the Top 50 Influencers globally, named Head of Industry, Social Media (Marketing Magazine™) and in the Power150 Media bloggers (AdAge™) Testimonials